restore and renovate any metal surface!


Blast-cleaning services

Restore metal surfaces

CJ Powder Coatings, Grimsby - Metal Restoration - Powder Coating & Blast Cleaning

Restore your vehicle body work or other metal surfaces to their former glory today!


Here at C.J. Powder Coatings, we strive to provide a highly professional service, and it is our mission to make your metals look fantastic.

Our services include powder coating - an excellent and durable alternative method of painting metal services, as well as alloy wheel refurbishment. We also provide blast cleaning services, sop if you think you require some shot-blasting in the Grimsby area, then please give us a call! Blast cleaning and shot blasting can be the most effective way of cleaning damaged and deteriorated metal services, and we have the expertise to carry these tasks out with a high level of efficiency and professionalism.

"C.J. Powder Coating are here to make your metal surfaces shine"